The Farme is home to John Marshall and it is one of two farms owned by the JC Marshall Partnership. The farm is based just on the outskirts of Strathaven, South Lanarkshire and consists of 460 acres of grassland. A further 170 acres in the local area is also rented annually. Of this the majority is used to hold livestock, however 50 acres is used to grow grain for use on the farm and any surplus is sold on.

John was previously a dairy farmer but he made the decision a number of years ago to change his operation to buying-in and fattening quality cattle as he felt this made more commercial sense.
The main breeds John works with are Simmental, Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus as he feels these breeds have excellent conformation and eating quality. The cattle’s diet consists of grass during the summer months and barley at the back end. Over the winter months a mixture of barley and grass silage is given to the animals.

John’s main aim now is to produce a quality carcase which grades well, tastes great and is reared cost effectively.