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One of the advantages of a small family firm with a limited number of customers, is that it’s possible to maintain proper working relationships based on a real understanding of customer specifications on one side and supplier capability on the other. It also means you know who you’re talking to and who’s accountable – that’s usually Andrew or Rory. And if it’s not, you’ll be given the name of whoever is standing in for them.

We provide a tailored service for each of our customers. We note your specifications with regards to marbling, grade, weight and fat cover. As part of their daily routine Rory and Andrew go downstairs first thing in the morning and personally select the beef and lamb for every order according to each customer’s specification. This ensures peace of mind that you will receive exactly what you asked for. We also carry out daily quality inspections on all our beef and lamb going out that day prior to it being despatched.

Rory & Andrew Duff