Blue Grey Cattle


The Blue Grey is a native breed which is a cross between the Galloway and the Whitebred Shorthorn and they originated in the mid 19th century. Their long grey mottled hair gives them a distinct look, which means that they are easily recognisable when amongst a mixed herd. The suckler cows are well-known for being able to produce high-quality calves in poor grazing areas and these calves are seen as perfect for the production of quailty meat. The breed is also recognised for being faster maturing than other breeds and therefore local farmers in the UK highly value the Blue Grey steers for fattening. Finally the Blue Grey is renowned for its top-quality, succulent beef, which is well sought after across the UK.


Though the breed has fallen out of favour due to lack of publicity and the backing from the monopolisation of grocery sales by supermarkets, which don’t distinguish between cattle breed types and just buy and sell whatever the lowest price is without taking quality into an account.  The Rare Breed Survival Trust (RBST) lists them as critically endangered, with fewer than 150 registered breeding females in the UK.