Andrew Adamson – Netherurd Home Farm

Andrew Adamson is a 4th generation farmer at Netherurd Home Farm, a farm of 570 acres, near West Linton, where the family have been since 1940s. Andrews’s wife Jayne, their daughter Hazel, and son Jon, also live on the farm. The farm is 721 to 1150 feet above sea level, providing excellent grassland for the cattle (200) and sheep (820) to graze on. Andrew is in partnership with his mother. The farm produces in excess of 1,150 prime lambs each year, which are mainly Suffolk and Texels.

The cattle are bought-in during the summer and autumn seasons. Andrew purchases their cattle personally from private venders and markets. The variety of breeds purchased at 6-18 months include: Charolais, Limousin, Simmental, Shorthorn, Blue Grey, Luings and Galloway. All cattle are fed on home produced grass, wheat, barley, hay and grass silage. Cattle are all housed in straw courts during the winter season and turned out to grass when weather dictates in the spring.

The farm has 98 acres of Woodland, which provides shelter from wind and inclement weather, and provides shade for the stock in summer months. The continued maintenance of the woodland has provided the farm with an alternative income and is an enhancement to the landscape. 28 acres of this area have been planted within the last five years to assist in the continued diversification of the farm.

Click on this link to check out a short video of Farmer Andrew Adamson on his farm talking about his fantastic scotch cattle and lamb: