Welcome to MacDuff 1890. We source top quality, grass-fed cattle, sheep and pigs from a selection of trusted arms in Scotland, supplying tender, succulent and read-to-cook meat to high-end butchers and chefs in Scotland, UK and further afield. We’re a fourth generation family firm that is based at our plant in Wishaw. Andrew Duff now runs the company. Each morning Andrew Handpicks the beef, lamb and pork for all the day’s orders according to each customer’s specification. We ensure you get exactly what you ask for.  

Some Of The Partners We Work With

Here at MacDuff we take pride in the produce we have as we truly  believe we produce the best wholesale meat the country can offer. This is because we carefully select all the produce that comes through our doors as we only want the best as we know that our customers also only want the best. This is why we have been able to attract such amazing clients over the years as they know we take huge amount of pride and consideration when it comes to our products.