Traceability of Scotch Beef Quality

Our premium beef comes from the MACDUFF Producer Group – a small fraternity of farms with whom we hold regular meetings to ensure top quality is maintained. All members of the group are family farms that span back several generations. They all have in-depth knowledge of animal welfare and rearing that means the animals have the best quality of life possible. All farms are regularly inspected through their farm assurance (QMS) to guarantee high standards are maintained.

This ensures that MACDUFF Beef has complete traceability from farm to plate. All cattle come to us with a passport, which states breed, parentage and the farm or farms that have looked after them. Passports match up with the ear tags on each animal. Details from the passport are then transferred to each individual carcass label, which gives our customers all the information they require.

Our farm partners include the Purdons at Stravenhouse Farm in the Clyde Valley; the Spence family at Roberthill Farm outside Lockerbie in Dumfriesshire; Walter Wight at Whitrighill Farm near Melrose in the Scottish Borders; The Taylors at Heatheryhall Farm at Thankerton near Biggar; and close by, the Patersons at Garrionhaugh Farm, Wishaw.