Collielaw Farm is home to Robert, Margaret and Ian Struthers who moved to the farm in 1986 when Ian was only one. The farm is 950 feet above sea level and stretches across 450 acres holding 100 breeding cows and 600 breeding ewes. The Struthers have a real passion for raising show bulls and have 12-15 bulls in total including a one tonne Limousin stock bull. Ian lives on a separate farm just down the road from his parents called Craigend Farm.

Between Ian and his father they manage the farm to a very high level. The main breed of cattle is Limousin, however they do also have a few Belgium Blues and Shorthorn crosses. Their pedigree herd of Texel lambs is also highly renowned in the local area.

Although the Struthers are a smaller supplier to MACDUFF Beef, providing only around 40 cattle a year, there is a long-standing relationship in place and the cattle sent in are of the highest quality. Furthermore they supply a large number of Scottish lambs to MACDUFF throughout the season.