Pasture For Life – 100% Pasture Fed Meat

The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association promotes the unique quality of produce raised exclusively on pasture, and the wider environmental and animal welfare benefits that pastured livestock systems represent. It is the leading and only certification mark for 100% grass-fed/pasture-fed, grain-free ruminant meat in the UK and has become a trusted brand recognised alongside other major UK assurance schemes, ensuring the promotion of a quality product renowned for its highly nutritious properties and benefits to the environment and animal welfare.

Here at MACDUFF we have recently started to work with and source from a number of small scale Pasture For Life certified producers who are based in Scotland. Pasture For Life certified meat is therefore currently only a very small section of our product range and we only sell whole carcase Pasture For Life products. However, we are looking to grow our Pasture For Life supplier base, and if you are interested in buying whole carcase Pasture For Life products from us then please specify that Pasture For Life is what you are looking for when making initial contact.

Our business recently became a Pasture For Life approved cutting plant and we have also ensured that Wishaw Abattoir has also become a Pasture For Life approved abattoir to ensure the highest standards are ensured.