David Mitchell – Newton of Wiston Farm

4th generation farmer, David Mitchell, is based at Newton of Wiston Farm, which sits at the foot of Tinto Hill, where the family have been since 1962. Run by David, along with his wife Tammy and son David, he also has two daughters Kayleigh and Neola who also help out when possible. The farm is 950 acres and sits at approximately 900 feet above sea level providing superb grassland for the cattle to graze on. David looks after roughly 200 cows and has between 500-550 cattle, which he fattens for supply from November through to June.

The main breeds David works with are Hereford and Aberdeen Angus and all of his cattle are home bred. David works to a paddock system, shifting the cattle every 3rd to 4th day, which ensures that the grass in each paddock is in peak condition when the cattle enter. The cattle’s main diet is grass, along with home-grown grass silage, and the finishing period David works to is 60-70 days when he also introduces locally sourced barley to the cattle’s diet.

Click on this link to check out a short video of Farmer David Mitchell Jr. on the family farm talking about their fantastic scotch cattle and lamb: https://youtu.be/L-pFNHuSd7I