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Andrew Duff calls MACDUFF beef “The Rolls Royce of Scottish Beef.” You don’t make a claim like that lightly. He doesn’t. He has every good reason.

At MACDUFF we only buy cattle that have been grass fed. This natural diet is supplemented with root crops and grass silage. Cattle must have roughage to ruminate. That’s good for their guts. Inturns it affects the taste. With MACDUFF you get beef prepared like it was in days gone past which melts in the mouth.

We select from a range of top-quality breeds like Charolais, Limousin and Aberdeen Angus Cross. The full list is on the home page. We know our breeds and their strengths.

There’s a move back to more traditional breeds right now. We’re happy with that.

We only select cattle under 30 months of age and never use any dairy or bull beef. Our premium beef is sourced from the MACDUFF Producer Group – a small fraternity of farms we have clubbed together and who set themselves a uniquely high standard of beef production. This ensures complete traceability. Find out more here. We pay our farmers a premium to draw out only top-end animals that match our customers’ specification.

All primal cuts we produce are matured on the bone to ensure tenderness. Sides hang for a minimum of two days post kill prior to cutting. We believe dry ageing really contributes to the richness and succulence of the meat – creating beef like that our ancestors eulogised over.

Why not find out for yourself? You can visit any one of our farms and our plant at Wishaw. We are the last Scottish wholesaler to hold an annual carcase show in Scotland targeted at independent butchers . You’re very welcome. Please contact us to find out more.

Scotch Lamb Cutlets & Chops

Robert Struthers of Collielaw Farm

Collielaw Farm, Kilncadzow


MACDUFF have been supplying customers with high quality lamb since 1990. The Texel breed, which originates from Holland, Texel Cross, Beltex and Beltex Cross are the breeds we favour, as these are shapely breeds that offer a greater yield. We source our lambs locally and only choose animals within the prescribed specification of 19-23kg with superior fat cover and conformation. Customers can count on our lambs having great depth of muscle in the legs, excellent width of shoulders and high meat to bone ratio along with a superior flavour and succulence. Currently we mostly supply lamb to customers in Scotland and England.