How to Source High-Quality Meat for Your Business With Macduff 1890

Are you looking to source high-quality meat for your business? Look no further! We will walk you through the process of buying wholesale meat and help you find the best meat for your needs. Whether you run a restaurant, a butcher shop, or a catering business, finding reliable suppliers like us is essential to maintaining the highest standards of quality.

At MacDuff 1890, we understand the importance of sourcing superior meat products. From understanding the different cuts and grades and breeds, we’ve got you covered.

With our expertise, you will get only the best meat in the UK.

So, if you’re ready to take your business to the next level with top-notch meat products, let’s dive in! Discover the route sourcing high-quality wholesale meat and ensure that your customers are always satisfied with every bite.

Who we are and how we ensure the meat the we supply is only the best:

1. We’re a fourth generation family firm (learn about our history here) that is based at our plant in Wishaw. Andrew Duff now runs the company. Each morning Andrew handpicks the beef, lamb and pork for all the day’s orders according to each customer’s specification. We ensure you get exactly what you ask for.

2. We ensure that every farmer we work with produces the highest quality meat while also being ethical in the practises. We work with farmers all over Scotland to ensure this, though the bulk of our produce comes from our producer group!

3. We also supply some of the most rare breed meat the UK has to offer! From the Native Angus to the sea weed eating North Ronaldsay  Sheep. We source everything that has to do with rare breed meat!

Andrew Duff (Director) Visiting one of our farms!

Ensuring food safety and quality control:

Food safety and quality control are paramount when it comes to sourcing wholesale meat. Here are some measures we have in place:

1. Traceability: We maintain a robust traceability system to track the origin of your meat products.

2. Communication with our suppliers: we have open lines of communication with our suppliers. Regularly communicating with our quality requirements and expectations, we ensure that our produce is only the best for our customers

3. We work with trusted partners such as QMS, Scotch Beef and Rare Breed Survival Trust Scotland  to ensure our customers that our produce is only the best that Scotland has to offer

Ordering and delivery process our wholesale meat:

 We ensure a smooth and efficient procurement process for your business. Here are the steps you need to take in order to work with us:

1.Register your Interest today here!

2. Placing orders: contact us through our channels such as email or phone to get your order.

3. Delivery options: We deliver meat all over the UK, using trusted refrigerated hauliers to ensure your product is kept at the right temperature throughout the delivery process.

We look forward to working with you!